Build a friendly and competitive smart hardware platform

Provide user-friendly and competitive open hardware for the global market to help customers quickly realize commercial value

Beanboox is a hardware platform to help people to make their product easy and smart.Our technology will bring your idea to real product in a short time



Balance power and performance with local, embedded applications.



Keep user data private by performing all inferences locally.By beanbox.



Run lightning-fast AI at industry-leading inference speeds for embedded devices.



Deploy in the field where connectivity is limited.

Beanboox offer a lot of choice for your idea

Accelerate ML in a form factor best fit for your product. Prototyping devices include a single-board computer and USB accessory; production-ready devices include a system-on-module and PCIe module.

Solutions for on-device intelligence

This image for Image Layouts addon
Object detection

Draw a square around the location of various recognized objects in an image.

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Pose estimation
Estimate the poses of people in an image by identifying various body joints.
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Image segment
Identify various objects in an image and their location on a pixel-by-pixel basis.
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Key phrase
Listen to audio samples and quickly recognize known words and phrases.

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